Stage business


I've had 3 pieces performed to proper paying audiences
  1. 18th,19th March 2015: Dirty Protest performed Ben is dead in Aberystwyth and Cardiff. Read it about it here.
  2. 12th October 2015: Dirty Protest performed Microscopes in Aberystwyth.
  3. 14th October 2016: Dolman Theatre's Scratch Scribes performed Shifting Tides in Newport.
And I've written any number of things for Sandy Bendelow's Scriptography.
Here is one about seagulls.


I've done lots - too much - ham acting.
A stage CV is available.

Video clips:

  1. Faustus, dir. by Eliska Salko, February 2015. Watch from 2m.
  2. Charlie, dir. by Jessica, December 2016.


  1. Are you being served?
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